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Terms and Conditions

· Any cancellations or notified changes must be made at least 14 days prior to the date of event. If you fail to cancel your booking before this date you will be charged the full fee.
· The hirer / booker are also responsible for any damage to our equipment caused by any person at your event. You will be charged for the full cost of any repairs required. You will be advised of any damage as soon as it is caused.
· We do not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour from anyone under any circumstances. We also reserve the right to terminate our services at any time that we feel our personal safety is under threat. You will be advised of any problems that we may have in this respect with any of your guests.
· Full payment of fees will be expected upon completion of the event (i.e. same day). Failed payment of any fees will result in legal action.
· We need roughly 1 hour to enter a venue and set up prior to the start time & also a similar time allowance at the end of the night to pack up.
· If you are booking other entertainment (e.g. Singer, comedian, band etc) as well as hiring ourselves, please consider & think about the amount of space available and where you are going to put the Road Show. For a full set-up, 14 feet of stage space is usually required. A reduction in this will result in an amended setup to that shown.
· We will not be responsible for any damage or loss to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public
· All Road Show equipment that is used is checked prior to arrival & has been fully tested for safety by a qualified electrician. If we are linking our equipment within a fixed in-house audio system, we may reserve the right to refuse to do so if the equipment is considered by ourselves to be unsafe or liable to cause damage to any component linked to it.
· We ask all person's who hire our services that have booked a long time in advance to contact us around 28 days prior to the event. This is to ensure us that firstly that none of your plans have changed & also this will give the added benefit of keeping us informed of any special instructions or last minute requirement.
· All bookings should be taken on the understanding that the venue is in possession of the necessary entertainment & liquor licenses. We are not responsible if the venue is found to be in breach of the terms of their license

 · We reserve the right to refuse to play any individual song/artist if the company feels the content is inappropriate or offensive.
· Smoke or fog machines will only be used at the presenter / show hosts discretion or with permission from management from the venue. Smoke machines will not be used in poorly ventilated rooms or when a non isolatable fire or smoke sensor is present in a function room or within any area likely to be in range of the smoke machine.
· We reserve the right to alter any or all of the above at any time.
· We reserve the right to refuse to work in venue's which have sound limiting devices installed should it be deemed necessary to do so. If such a device is fitted a smaller show is usually provided. Many sound limiters we encounter work by cutting mains power at source - as a result sudden power loss is very likely to cause serious damage to computer based sound equipment as well as controlled lighting and also can cause expensive damage to speakers & amplification hardware. If damage is caused from such a device to audio or lighting equipment the venue will be fully liable for the cost of any repairs. An alternative of course is if an agreement is made to provide an alternative uninterrupted power supply and an understanding between the venue management & the presenter that the volume will be kept to an acceptable volume level.
· All equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.
· Fire exits or public walkways will not be blocked.
· All cables & leads will be securely fixed to avoid injury.
· Potentially dangerous equipment will be visually highlighted.
· All our event team staff are working to guidelines.
. Any queries about the Contract or Terms and Conditions don
’t hesitate in contacting me.

Regards  Gary Starr