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Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: It all depends on when and where the booking is!

Prices start from just £75!

All my prices are very competitive!


Q: Do you do requests?

A: Yes, we will be very happy to take requests on the night from both you and your guests

or just let me know of any special requests in advance on conformation of the booking



Q: What sort of music do you play?

A: What ever sort of music you want!

  I always carry at least 5,000 different tracks

on both CD, MP3 and Mini-disc!

Music from the 1940’s to the present charts!

From War music of the 40’s, sing-a-longs,

Ballroom music, pop and soul,

Rock’n’Roll, Motown, R’N’B and dance

Plus not forgetting all the classic party tunes

and dance crazies over the last 6 decades!

All shows can be tailor made to your requirements

Just let me know what music you require

 when booking my show.


Q: Do you do party games?

A: Yes for both children and adults!



Q: Have you got any disco lights?

A: The simple answer is yes, if you want lots of lights and effects

 The bigger the venue the bigger the disco show and lights.

If you don’t want many lights just let me know!


Q: Do you play loud music?

A: If it is a private booking or any other show

I always put on low background music

While either you are greeting your guests

Or it’s before the start of the show.

I do sound checks all through the night to make sure.

the music is played at a comfortable level.

Loud enough to dance to and quiet to talk.


Q: What time will you arrive at the venue?

A: It depends what time the venue opens

or allows me to set up the show

also depends on what time you want me to start!

If the venue as easy access

 It takes about one hour to set up the show.


Q: What will you wear?
A: I have a  dress code is either smart casual,

 shirt & tie or black tie upon request.


Q: Do you have much experience?

A: Yes  I have over 35 years experience

Completing over 6,000 bookings.


Q: What about Health & Safety – is your equipment tested?
A: Equipment is Portable Appliance (PAT) tested annually in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive, Electricity at Work Act 1989. A copy of your DJ’s current test certificate is available on request.

Q: What is Public Liability Insurance?

A:Public and Products Liability – cover for your legal liability for injury or for the loss of or damage to property not owned by you or in your custody or control should you injure a third party or damage their property arising out of the supply of goods or whilst undertaking your business activities.

 Q: Do you have "Public Liability Insurance"

A: I have a "PLI CERTIFICATE"  Public Liablitity Insurance 

Q: Do you charge cheaper if you’re on with other Artists or groups

A: Sadly no I don’t, I have to charge for the full night

Because I will be at the venue all night

Normally first there and last to go home.


Q: How do we pay you?

A: You pay a deposit on making the booking

and the balance in cash at the start of the night of the booking.

If you want to pay by cheque,

You let me have the cheque at least two weeks prior the booking.


If you have any other questions or enquires

Please let me know

Phone/fax: 01902-733244

Mobile: 07958-295-307



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